16 June 2015

Ask without Fear

HR Success Guide
Author: Antony Xavier

One has nothing to lose but only to gain by asking, but still many people are afraid to Ask because of rejection but they don't realize that they are actually rejecting themselves in advance before somebody says NO. To be successful you have to take risks and one of the risks is the willingness to face rejections. Don't assume that you are going to face a "NO". Take the risk of asking what you want to ask without any fear.

Fear of failure is actually linked to fear of rejection and criticism from others, which leads to procrastination and excuse making. You can always create a list of excuses not to Ask, no matter how potentially valuable and rewarding it can be, finally you are missing an opportunity.

You can overcome the fear of asking by following these simple steps -
  • Take the initiative to Ask, and go the extra mile. If you don’t ask despite your fear, you miss an opportunity.
  • Replace your negative thoughts by positive thoughts.
  • I repeat, do not assume that you will be wrong or you may stand foolish, but take it as an experience. The Person who doesn’t ask is the person who actually fails.

Start asking today for Information, Assistance or Support that is required to fulfil your vision and see how it’s going to change your life forever.

Wish Your Dream Comes True By Asking.

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