19 September 2020

HR Technologies that will boom Post Pandemic

HR Success Guide
Author: Anjana Devi (Paybooks Technologies)

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected workforce management in Fortune 500 companies as well as SMBs in two ways. Firstly, the rapid contraction in global economies has led to massive layoffs and disruptions in recruitment cycles. According to a survey by Vistage, only 19% of SMB CEOs are looking to expand their workforce during the pandemic. This will result in a talent gap stymying the future growth of these companies. To maintain productivity, there is added pressure on the HR department to manage their remaining talent pool efficiently.

29 August 2020

6 Things Every Start-up needs to know to Attract Top Talent

HR Success Guide
Author: Kelly Barcelos (Jobsoid)

They say ‘a company is only as good as its employees’. Every start-up founder can relate to that more than anyone else as they’ve probably seen the difference a strong, enterprising team of employees can make to a business during its initial few years.

When you are still building credibility, and finding your place in a competitive market, it is especially important to hire the right employees. But how?

15 August 2020

Why salary transparency is the key to attracting the right people

HR Success Guide
Author: Lingappa Amiyappa (Paybooks Technologies)

When a company keeps its salary policy a secret, it works as a factor for reinforcing a gap in the salary pay. There are various companies that are concerned that salary transparency can result in unhappy workers.

However, contrary to the traditional views, various researches have shown that companies that fail to share openly about their salary policies to their employees can cause considerable friction in their organization.

9 August 2020

How HR can be the Strategic Partner towards Achieving Organizational Success

HR Success Guide
Author: Kelly Barcelos (Jobsoid)

More often than not HR professionals aren’t a part of the key decisions formulated by the leaders and CEOs of the companies. But these dynamics are fast-changing within organizations across the world. Because, when human resources fall in sync with the strategic aspects of the company, the progress is sure to be fast-tracked.

25 July 2020

6 Ways Recruiters Can Stay Efficient

HR Success Guide
Author: Kelly Barcelos (Jobsoid)

Hiring targets and rising attrition rates are taking a toll on recruiters who are compelled to put in extra efforts and extra hours to identify, attract and hire qualified candidates. If you don’t want the quality of candidates to suffer as you continue to work without break, consider leveraging technology to your advantage.

Recruitment has finally reached that tipping point where innovation has become the new norm and this is why recruiters are going social with their hiring strategy. But social media recruiting will only add value when integrated with technology.

Challenges faced by Recruiters in finding Good Candidates

Author: Kelly Barcelos(Jobsoid)

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18 July 2020

No more Rejections

HR Success Guide
Author: Antony Xavier

Everything you have ever wanted in life is on the other side of fear

I want to share with you today about a very important topic that you and I would have experienced at least once in our lifetime “Rejections”. When we face Rejections in Life, we all have many Questions that run through our mind. Why I am a failure, why is it happening only for me? And lot more questions.

27 June 2020

4 Simple Steps to Win at Performance Management

HR Success Guide
Author: Liliana Chitnis (Naman HR)

Performance management and reviews, both formal and semi-formal, are conducted at least twice a year. And according to the global insight and technology company, CEB, which is now a subsidiary of Gartner, a manager spends 210 hours and an employee 40 hours in a year on performance management.

But if you ask employees if they find it helpful for their professional growth, the answer in most cases would be a no.

20 June 2020

Is your business ready for a virtual assistant?

Author: Charlotte (Ova Virtual)

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