25 July 2020

6 Ways Recruiters Can Stay Efficient

HR Success Guide
Author: Kelly Barcelos (Jobsoid)

Hiring targets and rising attrition rates are taking a toll on recruiters who are compelled to put in extra efforts and extra hours to identify, attract and hire qualified candidates. If you don’t want the quality of candidates to suffer as you continue to work without break, consider leveraging technology to your advantage.

Recruitment has finally reached that tipping point where innovation has become the new norm and this is why recruiters are going social with their hiring strategy. But social media recruiting will only add value when integrated with technology.

Here are 6 smart recruiting techniques to save time and stay productive even when your energy levels start descending:

1. Leveraging social media to target top talent

Today the employment marketplace belongs to the candidate so if recruiters want to stay productive, adapting to the latest hiring trends is the key. While you incorporate social media into your recruiting strategy, ensure that you make the most of it with an applicant tracking system. ATS integrated social media recruiting boosts your efficiency by automating all your time-consuming tasks like posting jobs on different channels, making modifications, adding new job posts, screening relevant candidates, uploading all the resumes and converting every resume into a standard format for easy viewing. Imagine the amount of time you will and think where you would want to invest it!

2. Using the Facebook careers tab for expanding your recruitment reach

An ATS comes with an in built Facebook Careers Tab that lets you share your openings with a massive user base. With an applicant tracking system, recruiters can publish every new opening on the company’s Facebook page automatically and socialize job feed to generate more referrals.

3. Saving time with website integration plugin

An applicant tracking system syncs with all your social media channels making it fast and easy to update new openings. Every time your careers site is updated, all the openings on your connected social channels are updated automatically. This eliminates all the time and effort recruiters invest on posting vacancies manually and adding new ones as and when vacancies are generated.

4. Capitalizing on a centralized talent pool for improved collaboration

A centralized talent pool is easy to follow, facilities instant sharing of candidate information across locations and makes it easy to collaborate with team members in real-time. This eliminates the need to create complicated spread sheets, scrutinize emails back and forth, and make phone calls for verifying information. An ATS allows great control and flexibility while making the entire process faster and smoother

5. Using smart filter intelligence for faster screening

An ATS efficiently overcomes the biggest hassle of social media recruiting – filtering the desired applicants from the influx of resumes you’ve received from multiple channels for different positions. What earlier took hours of your time will now be accomplished in minutes with a smart filter that uses keywords to scrutinize your relevant applicants. Whether you want to filter candidates by experience, location, designation or skill set, an ATS gives you accurate results instantly.

6. Tracking recruitment efforts using real-time reports

You cannot manage what you don’t measure and so reporting forms an important aspect of every management function – whether it is hiring, sales, finance or marketing. Managing reports manually when you are already struggling to fill vacancies faster can increase the chances of errors and discrepancies. An ATS auto generates reports in real-time helping recruiters track their performance and improvise processes while keeping you prepared and informed – always.

For more such hacks that can make your hiring process hassle-free, check out this interesting infographics by Jobsoid that compares manual social media recruiting with an ATS integrated approach. Learn how you can make all your hiring efforts count and share it with your team - because only an updated, self-motivated team will help you achieve your hiring targets even in a tight market.

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