9 August 2020

How HR can be the Strategic Partner towards Achieving Organizational Success

HR Success Guide
Author: Kelly Barcelos (Jobsoid)

More often than not HR professionals aren’t a part of the key decisions formulated by the leaders and CEOs of the companies. But these dynamics are fast-changing within organizations across the world. Because, when human resources fall in sync with the strategic aspects of the company, the progress is sure to be fast-tracked.

Towards this, here are some key aspects of an HR’s profile which can complement the CEO’s efforts to achieve phenomenal success for the organization:

 Know the Organization’s Model & Strategy Thoroughly 

Understanding the organization’s business model and performance strategy is the foremost responsibility of every human resource professional. Business model will tell you about how the revenue flows and understanding the performance strategy will help you understand how the company competes in its field. This enables you to gauge better the type of skills and talent required to complement the performance framework and make the business model successful.

 Implement a Solid Hiring Strategy by Befriending Technology

To address the talent gaps realized after studying the aspects mentioned in the previous point, chart and implement a solid hiring strategy.  This means that the talent pool thus selected is well capable of supporting and executing the CEO’s vision. An important thing to keep in mind here is that it is essential to develop the capabilities and skills of this pool, not just on an individual level but on a collective level as well.

This might seem like a daunting task, but it can be simplified to a great extent by using the right technological tools. For instance an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a powerful online tool which processes huge numbers of applications swiftly and sorts the data as per your requirement. It automates the entire hiring process, right from scanning, sorting and organizing to updating. It also allows for mobile recruiting, so that you can access it from anywhere and anytime.

With tools like ATS, you can efficiently and easily hire the right kind of A+ talent which will pay back on multiple levels such as enhanced work culture, inspiring and positive forward thinking and overcoming the toughest of challenges.

 Make an Insightful and Inclusive Value Proposition

To drive organizational growth, it is mandatory to have an insightful value proposition in place, which is inclusive of shareholders and employees. The shareholders keep an eye on the return they get for every dollar invested. So HR needs to understand how they can measure productivity profit in the business to build a company which multiplies wealth.

To achieve this, a value proposition must be developed which unites value creation and value sharing. Extend this proposition to the employees to guide them on how they can contribute accordingly towards organizational productivity and growth.

 Create a Productive Bond by Developing a Line of Sight

A specific line of sight will streamline the efforts of employees, and help them connect better with company’s vision of growth. They will understand their role clearly, the expectations management has from them and also how they will be rewarded if they meet those expectations. This clarity boosts their accountability and in turn productivity. Hence, develop a clear line of sight to synchronize employee efforts and shareholder’s vision to form a productive bond which will lead the company to success for sure.

 Encourage Employee Engagement

‘Hire for keeps’ is the mantra every HR professional lives by. Because not just hiring the required A+ talent is important, retaining them is equally essential as well for an organization to succeed. And employee engagement is the key to retaining the talent successfully. Here are some factors which great employees look for and which every HR professional should keep in mind when it comes to employee engagement -

  • Being valued - Employees need to feel involved and important when it comes to their role in the organization. Every employee worth his or her salt considers this question – ‘Is my contribution valuable towards company’s growth?’
  • Positive Environment - Talent thrives on positivity. A work place with positive work culture which respects the employee’s contribution and has transparent communication channels, engages individuals better and enhances their commitment.
  • Growth Opportunities - Premier talent always looks for companies which offers ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. They need to feel assured that their involvement in a certain company will make them better in every aspect.
  • Monetary Incentives - Such modes of engagement instill a sense of partnership in the employees. Besides, it also fosters a culture of healthy competition, motivating the employees to push the envelope and give their 100%.

Now let’s take a look at how HR can increase their influence in ‘key decisions’:

 Focus on the Business Strategy

One of the most wide-spread perceptions about HR is that they are restricted to only the ‘people’s’ aspect of the business. However, HR can actually make a valuable contribution on the strategic front. They can shift their focus on the commercial and strategic verticals of business and align their responsibilities with the umbrella goals of the company.

 Be a Proactive Problem-solver and Collaborator

This can be really easy for HR professionals as they are trained to collaborate and solve problems. Whether it is solving problems related to human capital or collaborating with managers on strategy front, HR can step up and contribute immensely by utilizing their skills.

 Blend Strategic and HR functions with Substantial Findings

To gain trust of the top leaders, HR should rely on analysis and present substantial findings about how their functions are co-related to and impact the company’s larger goals. Say for example, HR professionals can show how the type of talent pool they hire and develop supports the company’s long-term goals, culture, systems, policies, etc. Even in case of national and international expansion or a merger, HR should analyse and present the cost against value in context to change in human capital.

All of the points listed above present opportunities to HR as well as CEOs. The former can implement them and the CEOs can guide them on how they can best utilize their functions and merge them with ‘key-decision making process’ to support the Company’s growth. Because when HR becomes the strategic partner of CEOs, the power duo is sure to bring in more efficiency and eventually success.

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HR Success Guide

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HR Success Guide

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