13 June 2015

Magnify Your Offshore Presence

HR Success Guide
Author: Gaurav Bahadur

Less than 20% Offshore Development Centers
Have Budget Allocation for Promoting Offshore Setup

Offshore development centers have poor visibility. As support centers they are lead conservatively, having no mention on the primary company website. Occasionally they end up having a website of their own that gives them local recognition.

With the changing times companies have now started to realize the importance of magnifying their offshore presence. The way you need to market your products/services to attract clients, similarly these days it is vital to market your offshore to attract talent.

With so many good pay masters around, are you doing enough to attract talent? Why should someone join your offshore setup?
  • Website: Have a website that recognizes your offshore setup. Make it impressive because this is the first place your prospective employees would check you out. Case Studies, Blog, Downloads make a website look mature and reflects experience.
More than 50% Offshore Setups are not recognized
on their Company’s Website
  • Flyer: A document that briefs who you are, vision, mission, broad areas of your deliverable's and the areas of business. It gives an overview and is a feeler about what your company is all about.
 A Quick Read to Create your First Impression
  • Fact Sheet: Have a fact sheet that you can send to just anyone. Mention your milestones and accomplishments. Let the fact sheet do the talking for you. Update it whenever you have new accomplishments to highlight.
 Let the Facts do the Talking
  • Product / Service Catalog: A very useful document to send to your prospective employees. Many times this works as a catalyst for candidates to join. They have worked on similar products/services and they feel excited because they are experts in your area of delivery.
Let others know what you are recognized for
  • Press Release: A vital piece of information that you should be releasing every few months. It spreads positivity around across your network and service providers and reduces negativity that is generated occasionally due to circumstances beyond your control. It acts as a catalyst of hope and a belief that good times are just around the corner.
Highlight Your Achievements
  • Meaningful Exit Plan: Have a good worked out exit plan for those whom you don’t wish to retain. Now a days prospective candidates increasing verify your Glass-door reputation. Recent negative feedback is a serious concern for prospective candidates. A meaningful exit plan is something that safeguards company reputation and counters the damage of a negative feedback on Glass-door.
Handle Exits Responsibly
  • CSR Initiatives: Make CSR initiatives an essential part of your company engagement. Let this be the way of giving back to the society. Inculcate in your employees the feeling of social responsibility and give them a reason to work for a cause. CSR is one of the powerful ways in which you help the society, motivate your employees and generate lot of good word of mouth for your organization.
Give Back to the Society
  • Business Cards: Company should print Business Cards for all their employees. Let your employees be proud to showcase their company. Let the good words spread around.
Your Employees are One of Your
Best Word of Mouth
  • Printed Material / Brochures: Your front desk should always have printed material / Brochures that people can read and carry with them. It helps them connect with you and know you better. They can be attached to the posts / courier that you send to employees / service providers.
Create Engagement
  • Social Media Pages: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Cover them all and update these pages occasionally. Don’t leave these pages unattended as it generates a feeling that you are not investing in your social reputation.
Social Media Platforms are a Reflection
of Your Companies Inward Efforts
  • Membership / Affiliations: Highlight company membership and affiliations on the website. Spread your wings and keep connecting to generate recognition and associations across industry and local groups. This helps people know your company and make recommendations to you that help you grow and improvise.
Join Groups and Organizations that
Helps you appear Bigger and Brighter
  • YouTube Videos: Videos are a powerful way to showcase what you are doing and how? It changes how people look at you. Have impressive YouTube Videos that showcase your expertise, knowledge and people.
Show Me Don’t Tell Me

Having a budget allocation for marketing initiatives of your offshore setup is vital. It helps your offshore create a reputation that you can bank on in terms of attracting talent. Use this as a differentiator for your offshore. After all it’s always the small things that makes the big difference.
Investing in Your Brand is Investing in People’s Experience

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