24 December 2015

Successful Career Tips for all Job Seekers

HR Success Guide
Author: Mark Long (Dulsco)

Recession has made an impact on the career selection for students who see their elders going home with handful salaries. However, choosing a career does not necessarily rely on the monetary benefits but how well you are skilled to perform certain skills which indirectly award you generously. Choosing a career starts in the elementary schools and in small children it starts with a dream. Nurturing that dream depends on the parent to provide an adequate environment that enhances these imaginations. After high school, students are subjected to aptitude tests whose results can be used in the selection of a career. Your dreams may place you in a good career if you enjoy all the technicalities and skills required.

Career Preparation

There are certain tips that will lead you to a successful career which every student or graduate should understand. When you identify a career, you should decide what improvement that you can make to add value to yourself so that securing a job would not be easy. One ought to visualise themselves in their careers and come up with a real plan on how to arrive at that destination. Part of the plan would be attending career conferences, associating with professionals in your assumed career (getting connected to people who successful in the career), invest in knowledge and skill, attend forums, participate in community works, improve on discipline and other habits, get your spiritual life together, participate voluntary programs related to your career or humanitarian services and learn to work as a team.

Vetting Process

The Human Resource Management is a function of every company that one should impress in order that you get the job position that you seek. This department provides interviews, assessment tests and training programs to job seekers. One ought to prepare well in terms of papers and mind. Some tests are general like aptitude tests, while others are career related which mostly focuses on the company activities. They will try to draw out your passion and commitment for that career selection through every means possible but with a positive and relaxed mind everything will be a pass. If your career gets in your blood than there is nothing that will stop you from getting the job position that you seek.

Joining the League

Some companies nowadays do outsourcing, that is, apart from having a Human Resource Management, they are clients of Recruitment Services. These service providers are entities that own a team of professionals who are selected on merit and skill through rigorous assessment tests. Basically their work is to recruit people based on their discipline and recommend them to companies. This has reduced the hardship of tarmacking from one company to the other leaving resumes and awaiting for interviews from the same. The recruitment services registration comes with fee, levied to both the company client and the seeker.

It is easier to get a job when you are part of a recruitment service provider team since they have a connection of companies who might want temporary works to be done. However, when you wish to make independent decisions such as the location of work and the employer it is recommended that you stick to the normal routine of resume submission to respective companies.

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HR Success Guide

nancy john said...

I would love to indulge in my passion as a career, but then the sustainability to me doesn't make sense. If I can get a job where I can sustain my passion outside of work, whilst being able to sustain myself, I don't see why not. 

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Emma Glour said...

Interesting post.

Emma Glour said...

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