1 January 2015

Time for New Goals

Last year has been a challenging year for HR Success Guide. The blog with efforts and hard work of many contributors just got bigger and brighter. We strive to become the best Global HR Blog. To make it possible we have set our goals carefully and clearly.

 Exceptional Content: Focus on useful and extremely engaging Contents (Core HR, Visuals)
 Quality presides over Quantity: Engagement not more than 4 to 6 Posts a Month.
 Capture Search Keywords: HR Guide, HR Success and HR Success Guide
 Transform into a more SEO Friendly Blog: Seek Professional SEO Services
 Audio and Video presentations: Self Developed Audio and Video Contents
 Create Robust LinkedIn Group Engagement: Make it an Interesting Platform for peer HR
 Expert (Panel) Interviews and Webinars: Is the way forward. Take steps towards it.
 Introduce Partner Section: Look for HR Partners (HR Experts, Webinar Partners, HR Magazine, HR Book Partners, HR Products Partner, HR Forum Partner, HR Community Groups, HR Programs, HR Courses)

Also, we are pleased to announce our Star Contributors: Marie Zutshi and Antony Xavier

We hope that this year turns out to be an exceptional one for all our Readers. Best Wishes !

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