9 January 2015

Top 7 HR Challenges

HR Success Guide
Author: Antony Xavier

There can be many challenges that an HR manager has to face. Here are the top 7 Challenges that HR Manager has to face in today's situation.

 Attracting, Recruiting and Hiring Talented Employees: Talent Hiring continues to remain the top challenge for Human Resources.

 Managing Change: As the organizations are going Global, this is one problem faced by many organisations of managing the change in the organisation and how to make people acquainted with the changes.

 Work Culture: Due to acquisition and mergers taking place it becomes important for the HR Manager to develop the work culture.

 Ethics and Values: In the times when we are getting more professional and narcissist, it is very important to have Ethics and values to be in place which also in the long run decides the sustainability of the organisation.

 Managing Low Attrition Rate: More competition also adds to high attrition. Now here is the opportunity for the HR manager to play safe and introduce good retention strategies.

 Balancing Work and Personal Life: Huge responsibility is on the shoulder of an HR Manager to create a balance between the work life and personal life by flexi work hours, paternity leaves and vacations are some of the options in hand.

 Stress and Conflict: Long working hours, target pressures, high competition etc adds stress and conflicts in the Organisation. It is the duty of an HR Manager to have proper responses to the stress and conflict before it causes damage to someone’s' personality.

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HR Success Guide

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HR Success Guide

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