26 May 2018

Financial Independence

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18 June 2016

10 C’s of Employee Engagement

   Author: Marie Zutshi
1)   CONNECT: A direct reflection of how employees feel about their relationship with the immediate boss. Early in my professional life I learned a lesson that when you are people leaders, your job is to focus on developing your staff and harness their potential. If they grow, you shall automatically grow. However, whenever in large gathering I ask a question, is your manager more interested in his career or yours? The answer is "HIS OWN".  Managers / leaders must learn to inculcate the sense that employee growth and capability building is at the forefront of their mindset which will enable not only employee growth, however, their own as well.

2)   CAREER: Leaders should provide challenging and meaningful work with opportunities for career advancement. Employees do look forward to sense of career direction both from short and long term perspective.

4 June 2016

Corporate Culture - How does your Company Behave?

HR Success Guide
Author: Linda C. Lucarelli (Paychex Inc.)

Would you know how to define corporate culture? If asked, could you tell someone about the culture of your organization?

Simply put, culture it is the "personality" of a company - the people and things that shape that personality. It is the relationship of both simple and complex factors, which can sometimes make a corporate culture take years to develop and mature.

What makes up a company's culture? Everyone in the company has a piece of creating the culture of an organization. Top leaders are generally the ones who will develop a mission, value, or belief statement. These will describe the overall reason the business may be in business, who the company services and/or what products they might create. Companies generally set the tone for that mission to align with organizational goals. Most organizations have their own mission or value statements but not everyone in the company can recite it. These mission, vision, or values generally will set the tone of the company but it is the people and their attitudes that contribute to the culture on a day-to-day basis.

30 December 2015

Top Earning Side Jobs

Author: Colette Cassidy (All Finance Tax)

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24 December 2015

Successful Career Tips for all Job Seekers

HR Success Guide
Author: Mark Long (Dulsco)

Recession has made an impact on the career selection for students who see their elders going home with handful salaries. However, choosing a career does not necessarily rely on the monetary benefits but how well you are skilled to perform certain skills which indirectly award you generously. Choosing a career starts in the elementary schools and in small children it starts with a dream. Nurturing that dream depends on the parent to provide an adequate environment that enhances these imaginations. After high school, students are subjected to aptitude tests whose results can be used in the selection of a career. Your dreams may place you in a good career if you enjoy all the technicalities and skills required.

17 December 2015

How to be more Productive at Work

Author: Titus Dalisay (Open Colleges)

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11 December 2015

Distinction of Human Resource in Strategic Approach

HR Success Guide
Author: Mark Long (Dulsco)

Human resource management deals with the planning, organizing and overseeing of the human resource of an organization through recruitment.

For a company or industry to effectively function, there is need for the humans working within the organization to be effectively managed or else the organization will be poorly managed and the organization's goals will not be met. Therefore, human resource management is a very important part of any organization.

Human resource management deals with the planning, organizing and overseeing of the human resource of an organization through recruitment, development and maintenance of the people within that organization in pursuit of the greater goals of the organization. If properly done, it can bring the best out of the staffs. Human resource in Dubai has shown a lot of improvement in recent years and this has served as a attraction for personnel that are either involved in permanent staffing or contract staffing from different places around the world.
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