27 June 2020

4 Simple Steps to Win at Performance Management

HR Success Guide
Author: Liliana Chitnis (Naman HR)

Performance management and reviews, both formal and semi-formal, are conducted at least twice a year. And according to the global insight and technology company, CEB, which is now a subsidiary of Gartner, a manager spends 210 hours and an employee 40 hours in a year on performance management.

But if you ask employees if they find it helpful for their professional growth, the answer in most cases would be a no.

20 June 2020

Is your business ready for a virtual assistant?

Author: Charlotte (Ova Virtual)

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13 June 2020

5 Practical Ways to Manage and Motivate Employees during Leadership Transitions

HR Success Guide
Author: Liliana Chitnis (Naman HR)

Any organizational change, whether it is technical or hierarchical, can become considerably stressful for employees. And when it comes to leadership transition, it induces a lot of uncertainty and resistance among employees. Will the new leader assemble the right team? Will he/she be a worthy leader? Will he introduce new changes? All of these apprehensions ultimately boil down to one thing: will the leadership change be successful?

6 June 2020

20 Ways to Manage your Young Employees

HR Success Guide
Author: Sadia Maqsood (IKL Training)

People are hired because of their experiences, smart technical skills and growth potential but managing young professionals require certain strategies as compare to other employees, keeping in view their lack of professional and business experiences. There are 20 ways to manage your employees and help them to settle down in a new environment.

♦ The Transition Phase: The transition phase from student to employee is full of stress, confusion and excitement. There is a need to help employees for recognizing his abilities and come over this transition phase. A support system of an organization helps them in this regard. Employers need to think that how they can help their new employees in this change of time. 

30 May 2020

5 Growing Human Resource Specialities

Author: Florence Lewis (Job Cluster)

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23 May 2020

Ways to effectively manage mental health while working from home

Author: Charlotte (Ova Virtual)

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16 May 2020

Creating a Diverse Workplace

Author: Samantha Trejo (Straight North)

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9 May 2020

Always a Catch 22 - Getting work done In-house or Outsourced?

HR Success Guide
Author: Ria (Yoma Group)
Hiring is critical to building a successful and thriving business. The teams you hire are the ones that lead you to growth. However, certain businesses struggle to decide whether they should a full-time employee, a part-time worker or outsource a freelancer, because there are so many things to keep in mind -

» The new hire should be in sync with your organization’s ideology, work culture and goals.
» They should be able to settle in as fast as possible
» Need to be skilled and a good fit for your existing team
» The remuneration and work hours should be agreeable

The process just isn’t that easy!
HR Success Guide

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